Fulfillment By Amazon 亞馬遜物流(FBA)是一項服務,使商家能夠存儲庫存並完成來自亞馬遜運營中心的訂單。是指亞馬遜為使用FBA服務的賣家提供的倉儲及代發貨業務。貨物在亞馬遜倉庫存儲,系統接到買家訂單後由亞馬遜倉庫操作人員負責分揀,打包,派送到買家手上。



(Fulfillment By Amazon) Amazon Logistics (FBA) is a service that enables businesses to store inventory and complete orders from Amazon Operations Centers. Amazon will store and deliver the orders to individual buyers for sellers who use the FBA service. Once the system receives orders, the Amazon warehouse operator will arrange the sorting, packing, delivery to the individual customers.

FBA Amazon seller needs to know:
1. Amazon only provides the warehouse address, not the importer, does not provide the contact and the phone.
2 FBA sellers need to ship to the destination country, with their own or third-party tax code to complete the customs clearance, pay customs duties, online booking delivery positions, the delivery of goods within the specified time

FBA Amazon first delivery service:
Amazon FBA sellers may ship the goods through courier, air or ocean freight and then use the relevant tariffs for customs clearance, tax payment, after the release of customs clearance, online booking delivery, the shipment will be deliver to the warehouse within the specific time.

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